Lachy released his debut album Alchemy to critical acclaim in March 2019. Inspired by Paolo Coelho's novel 'The Alchemist', Alchemy features the talents of rising starts Thomas Avgenicos on Trumpet, Matt Harris on Piano, Harry Morrison on Double Bass and Patrick Danao on Drums.

The album can be purchased from BandCamp and is on all major streaming services.



“Saxophonist Lachy Hamilton joins a rich tradition of programmatic works of Australian jazz ... “[The Alchemist’s] Urim and Thummin spawns a Hamilton tenor solo showing a striking ability to alchemise a liquid flow of ideas into a robust and compelling statement...this is an impressive debut”.

 - John Stand, The Sydney Morning Herald, 29 June 2019



“The Alchemist ... album brings together five brilliant young musicians who will be household names in Australian jazz tomorrow.”

 - Eric Meyers, The Australian, 11 May, 2019