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Lachy Hamilton has recorded two albums under his name. 'Alchemy' in 2019, and 'JAHL HESHI' in 2022.

JAHL HESHI is an evocative, contemporary jazz album from the pen of Lachy Hamilton and Harry Sutherland. After playing with Jacques Emery and Alexander Inman-Hislop in various formats as part of the Sydney jazz and improvised music scene, the band formed in 2022. Since then the band has performed at Manly Jazz Festival, SIMA Winter Jazz Festival and Orange Jazz Festival. The music is treated by the band with a unique collaborative approach and a curiosity for exploration.

Inspired by Paolo Coelho's novel 'The Alchemist', Alchemy is the debut album of Australian born saxophonist Lachy Hamilton. It features the talents of rising starts Thomas Avgenicos on trumpet, Matt Harris on piano, Harry Morrison on Bass and Patrick Danao on drums. The album is comprised of five original compositions inspired by the novel.

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